Etiquette /FAQ

1.Always be respectful 

2.Be on time (or call to let me know your delayed )

No show clients and disrespectful clients are added to a Canada wide blacklist shared with others in the industry 

3.Arrive groomed and showered ,I take a lot of time preparing to see you,please do the same for me as we about to get intimate.

4.Enjoy the experience, I love being sensual /flirty and fun be respectful of boundaries let me know if your uncomfortable with anything during the session.


Frequently asked questions 

What is your menu?

I do not have a menu,for 1 it is illegal to list of specific explicit services and also illegal to ask for explicit services (soliciting)

Can I see your face?/why is your face blocked ?

As you have life/career/family outside of our rendezvous,so do I and discreetion is the utmost importance to me.Thank you for respecting this decision.

Do you travel 🧳?

Yes I do,I post tour dates on my adds/website and social media



I unfortunately have had some bad experiences in this industry (few bad 🍏  πŸŽ ) For my safety and security do require a 25% deposit by etransfer for New and out of town clients 

My email is 

I have also met clients who have been ripped off by etransfer and in person ,it is very important for you to research the lady you plan on investing your time with.

Does she have social media? Has it been up longer then 6 months ? Does she have a website ? This is important to know .This is my business and profession, I would not risk my reputation by not showing up to prepaid appointments.