Why Escort’s have Screening/deposits

Why Escorts Screen/Get Deposits


That is something we talk about a lot, but besides pranks and having our time wasted what is some other reasons we do this? In each jurisdiction, province or country people in the adult industry have different laws and threats, but please don't think that because Canada has some odd rules in different provinces that it is 'safe' from many things perceived to only be in movies.


Speaking for myself personally there are several things that make me enforce a no deposit no booking strategy.

  • legitimacy- money talks. So many people talk about what they want to do or make plans- without $$ there is 0 point in entertaining sexual fantasies- Let's be real although I enjoy my job I do not want to do it for free, or have time wasted.



  • Safety- Unless someone is planning an incredibly short career of axe murderer or something they will not want to pay a deposit- your need to be 'paper trail free' particularly when you have said your single is a major red flag too me. There are other 'paperless' methods too that axe murderers in training would want to avoid and this generally weeds them out. ( if your not laughing to yourself reading this your possibly one of those axe murderer want to be's upset that I am shinning the light on your plans). But in honesty since enforcing no deposit no booking I have not had one problem- & Not had one man try to go against my word of 'No'.


  • PIMP's well no one wants to admit the elephant in the room but they are out there and well if business is slow for them guess what some lovely ones in Canada like to do, if your an independent they love to book you- even when we are in two different fields aiming at completely different target audiences, in completely different price ranges- they still think the lack of business is related too other workers in the area.Sadly at times other ladies have been known to do this to girls as well. Everytime I put up tours in other cities or towns my phone fills with escorts from those areas trying to make a booking (have to make a deposit honey ;) ) I honestly don't understand it because this industry too me isn't a one size fits all and we all are individuals who attract different type of people. But needless to say when I am hosting I do not give out any address without deposit and well this is one of those reasons.

  •  All over the globe SWers face prosecution for working. Even though yes escorting is legal in Canada , I know personally I wouldn't want my time being wasted by a man sent to entrap me to provide illegal services in a room alone. Also to turn away legitimate bookings too spend my time being punk'd by police. I get they are doing their job but respectfully so am I. There are many better things I think funding should go towards opposed to entrapping those working independently  by the law.



  • Discretion-

  • Wouldn't it be embarrassing if your niece, aunty,teacher, doctor, wife's bestfriend that doesn't like you? the girl who lives next door that your wife hates? would you really want to take that risk? Would she? that screening information can save you both the embarrassment & you the stress of pending discoveries. You may think some of those are a sexy scenario but you haven't thought about the real life impact of those things-  you would much rather enjoy your time if you don't know your chosen escort personally.

    Each escort does this in her own way- Whether with full id, social profile, secretly screening you, deposit only bookings, references, work email, confirming your accommodation etc. We have many methods of checking dates that i will not mention for safety.

    As an escort I hope other escorts are aware it is actually possible too enforce these safety measures and most gentlemen who have common sense, compassion and value other peoples lives and safety will do so, even if a escort doesn't ask you offer to send a Deposit, ID or a way to verify your address and put your chosen companion at ease.


    Be a Good human, do not engage in behaviours that ultimately make it easier for predators. If most men do the right thing girls wont have to take the risk and see those whom claim they 'cannot screen or deposit'. I will tell you anyone who is actualy someone screens & deposits with no problems we have NDA for those- so don't pull the " I'm an important man" card lol.

    I can also send you links on the dangers of working in this industry if your still having a hard time sending a small deposit.